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Learn Where To Access The Best tech of 2020

Techamaki brings you the latest reviews and pros and cons of the headlining tech of 2020 Learn the best of new technology for 2020 and get an in depth look at the technology of tomorrow today.

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Best Blood Pressure Monitor 2021

Best blood pressure monitor 2021 If you are concerned about your health and blood pressure you can now check it every day with our blood pressure monitor review It’s a fact that in today’s society more than 80 million people in America today have high blood pressure while more than 30 million are believed to […]

Best Smartwatch 2020 – A Buyers Guide

We use our watch to tell the time. With the best smartwatch review, now you can answer your smartphone, reply to a text message and monitor your heartbeat.   Do you struggle to get your phone out your bag or pocket to answer it? With a smartwatch, you just have to turn to your wrist […]

Best DashCam 2020 – Dashcam Buyers Guide

Best DashCam 2020 Protect yourself on the open road and even get cheaper insurance with a dashcam Now you can protect yourself even more on the open road by using a dashcam. The dashcam has gained popularity over the last 5 years for various reasons. In this Best DashCam Review, we highlight the 10 best […]

Best Mini Projector 2020 – Buyers Guide 2020

Best Mini Projector 2020 From Portable Projectors, Pocket Projectors to Pico Projectors now you can display your images, games, and presentations anywhere at any time with a mini projector. Probably the last time you came across a projector was at school, college or university. It was clunky and either sat on the teacher’s desk or […]

Best Doorbell Camera 2020 – A Buyers Guide

Never miss a visitor or parcel delivery with a doorbell camera – great for keeping an eye on your home. Find the best doorbell camera for 2020 The once humble doorbell has changed beyond all recognition. It can now provide gateway security to your property and with improved video, technology can let you see all […]

Best Bluetooth Speaker 2020 – Best Buy Bluetooth Speaker

Thanks to modern technology, wireless Bluetooth speakers continue to improve. Let’s take a look at the best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers for 2020. Best Bluetooth Speakers 2020 Thanks to modern technology wireless Bluetooth speaker continues to grow in popularity and improve. ​ Bluetooth wireless speakers have the same benefits as the traditional ones but they […]

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